Any denominations – and differences? Let’s begin by noting a few reasons why this may be the case. Some denominational differences are not theological, but political, social, and even geographical. Historical surveys will show that theologically similar groups were formed either before they came to america, or originated many years ago in different areas of the country. viagra without a doctor prescription Others share similar theological stances, but tend toward varying political and social views. discounted generic viagra Social status can account for other differences. cheap viagra without prescription Unfortunately, too many deviations from each other are more related to power struggles, church splits, and leadership influence than to biblical interpretation. buy viagra online Closely aligned with these reasons, changes in the earthly body of christ over two thousand years have developed doctrinal discussions to levels beyond what is encountered in scripture. In other words, dozens of cultural, racial, world religious, missionary, and theological situations have pushed christians to make distinctions that sometimes, frankly, go beyond what we are told about these issues in scripture. Viagra and viagra at same time As such, they add to the confusion. viagra viagra yahoo Further, virtually everyone experiences some sort of doubt simply because they are human beings. what is viagra super active side effects We have said throughout that the root cause of our uncertainty is our sin nature. buy viagra without prescription While this does not mean that all doubt is necessarily sin, it does imply that many of our differences are due to the fact that we are finite persons. Questions arise simply because, by nature, we don’t know all the answers. viagra cheap australia Yet, we sometimes respond by dogmatically asserting what we don’t know. These initial responses can explain a fair amount of the theological differences among believers. when should i take a 20 mg viagra But they do not explain them all. Our last answer will probably shock many readers. viagra without a doctor s prescription Maybe the bible itself does not always clarify all these answers. order cheap generic viagra Who says scripture has to clear up every doctrinal matter? Is it possible that there are many items that god simply didn’t want to tell us? viagra 100 or 50 If this is so, much of our confusion would then come from our attempting to force issues and place god’s truth within boundaries. on line viagra cheap We need to admit that it is inviting, to say the least, to think that we have been given the keys to all theological truth. Generic viagra 10mg online That would be just like humans, wouldn’t it – to take dogmatic stands on subjects where we don’t have enough data to make these judgments? cheap viagra uk next day delivery I think there is clear biblical precedent for this view. viagra before after alcohol Job concluded that he knew enough about god to trust him in those things that he didn’t know (job 42:1-6). viagra before after alcohol Remember that job never received an answer from the lord concerning the reason for his suffering, yet he was blessed. cheap generic viagra india Why? Scripture tells us that god’s ways are not the same as ours, but are higher than ours (isaiah 55:8-9). viagra 5mg vs 10mg How many times throughout history has go.