Al rate is not a good chance of survival. long do effects viagra last Why should doctors sugarcoat a diagnosis/prognosis? That doesn’t do anyone any good. cheap viagra for sale in the uk Otherwise how do you know what you’re truly up against? buy viagra online Unless you have unlimited funds you have limited medical options. order viagra online Most people just listen to what their doctors say and some people will perhaps get a second opinion. viagra vs viagra vs viagra 2012 No matter what health problem you have, you just need to keep hoping and praying for the best. September 13, 2010 at 3:45 pm(34) annoyed says: hi amanda, i did read the abstract…. The authors themselves described the favorable stage as having “relatively good results”. viagra no prescription Approximately one in three patients is alive after five years. We don’t know what that ratio is in the nearer term; it is likely higher. Michael douglas has been given an 80% chance of survival (but we do not know how long term this is, just as we do not know if his doctors sugarcoated his prognosis for him or whether michael douglas is sugarcoating it for us or himself). men's viagra on women I also read that the article was authored more than a decade ago, in 1999. Treatments may well have progressed since then, allowing for even more favorable prognoses. September 14, 2010 at 12:42 am(35) dale says: i do think staging is important for medical professions treating someone–which addressing the biological aspects of the cancer. However, there is still the psychological (thoughts, feelings, behaviours); the social aspects (support and resources) and spiritual. The attitude michael douglas and millions of other people living with the disease deserve all 4 aspects are addressed, nurtured and encouraged. D september 14, 2010 at 10:17 am(36) gina says: fair discussion, with the usual konwitalls and realityphobes. Interestingly no one seems willing to name mr douglas’s specialists, who surely deserve their place in the sun. viagra canada If for no other reason than to help people beat a path away from their doors. Nor is there any mention made of the length of time it took to even get a correct diagnosis. And this for a man who could presumably afford his own mri station. Class iv is not an immediate death sentence; after all no one gets out of here alive, but it is a very stern warning as to the quality of life expectations over the coming 5 years. buy viagra cheap We all join in wishing mr douglas and his family as much happiness and quality time together. viagra vs viagra vs viagra 2012 buy generic viagra