advertisement ear, nose and throat disorders cancer ask the expert archive by date: cancer page 1 of 2 1 2 >> answered questions from the past 2 years: february 23, 2012 what are the risk factors for testicular cancer? January 31, 2012 is there a good screening test for pancreatic cancer? December 13, 2011 i have some moles that i’ve considered removing for a while. viagra without a doctor prescription I’ve heard that if a mole isn’t suspicious looking or causing any problems, you should leave it alone. kamagra oral jelly viagra Is this true? September 23, 2011 i normally have a bowel movement about two times a week. But sometimes, the time between is even longer. When i do go, it seems like a lot. Or i’ll go a few times in one day. I eat a lot of fiber and exercise 5 times a week. Could i just have a large colon that takes a while to fill up? August 22, 2011 i've been sober for a few years and i'm ready to stop smoking. buy viagra But people tell me it's harder than quitting alcohol. Why? Is there anything i can do to make it easier? order viagra July 07, 2011 is acute leukemia curable? July 04, 2011 a few months back, my son had one white eyelash in his dark eyelashes. Now half of his upper eyelashes are white on one eye. Why is this? May 31, 2011 i have a history of breast cancer. buy viagra cheap I've had chemotherapy, but no radiation. Is it safe to get reclast injections? buy viagra online May 19, 2011 i just found a funny-looking mole on my breast. viagra pills hyderabad I'm african american, and don't spend much time in the sun. viagra effects time Could it be cancer? May 18, 2011 i have hpv, with flat genital warts. I've had the gardasil shot, and i use condoms. cheap viagra Can my immune system overcome this infection? 1 2 >> ask a question do you have a question? kamagra oral jelly viagra Click here ask the expert archives topics • allergy • anemia • arthritis /    rheumatology • asthma • babies • birth control • bladder / urinary • blood conditions • bone, muscles    and joints • cancer • caregiving • children • complementary &   alternative    medicine • diabetes • digestive    disorders • ears, nose and    throat • eyes / vision • feet • fibromyalgia • fitness / sports    medicine • gynecologic    cancer • hiv / aids • hair loss: ask    the expert • headache • heart and    circulatory    conditions • high blood    pressure • infectious    diseases • infertility • kidney • lyme.